Face Kit

Face Kit

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In our Face Kit you will find everyday use products that are non-toxic, acne fighting, and great for your home care facial routine.

When you use our AFRICAN BLACK SOAP FACIAL CLEANSER it will strip the oils from your skin helping to unclog pores, unwanted blemishes leaving you with raw skin to take care of. It will also wash away all debris that are collected on the skin throughout the day from environmental toxins. 

Next, use our SUGARCANE SCRUB to GENTLY exfoliate as sugar cane granules can be very coarse for the face. Let sit for about 5-10 mins(your preference). Then remove using our microfiber cloth with warm water.

Follow up with our ALOE FACIAL MOISTURIZER to moisturize and restore your face back to its natural state. In our Moisturizers the pure lemon juice is great for brightening as it contains vitamin c, it also helps to restore your PH levels.

Our CHARCOAL CLAY MASK is not an everyday use product, use at least once a week include it in your selfcare routine aka personal spa day. When applying we recommend to leave it on your face for 5 minutes due to our peppermint essential oil being sensitive to the skin.  If you have acneic, irritated, excess sebum(oil) this product will WORK WONDERS for your skin.   

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